As the official and trusted source of data for the Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG 4), the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the Global Education Data Portal.

This consultation website is designed to gather feedback on the data needs and priorities of individuals and groups using or interested in global education. From statisticians and policy planners to journalists and engaged citizens – we need your input in order to develop the new Portal.

Background information on the Global Education Data Portal

The new Portal will bring together different types and sources of data as well as contextual information, such as:

  • internationally-comparable education indicators based on administrative data, household surveys, and population censuses
  • contextual information and related data on SDG 4 issues (e.g. data foreign aid to education)
  • metadata and methodological information to explain the use and the interpretation of data
  • research and policy information on education issues related to SDG 4

The Portal will be designed to package this wide range of information into formats specifically designed to meet the needs of different users. The main objectives are to:

  • break down the silos that currently limit the use of education data by offering a range of data sources, services and tools to contextualize and interpret the information
  • serve as a one‐stop shop to monitor education progress at the global level, with a specific focus on SDG 4
  • provide tools adapted to different types of data users, namely governments, development agencies, donors, civil society groups, researchers, media and engaged citizens
  • develop a culture of knowledge sharing and data improvement by identifying key gaps